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November, 2019

Dear TAHS Members, 

What a great year! Most of the goals that were set in January of this year were not only met but exceeded all expectations.

I have recently announced that a Museum Revitalization Committee was formed to study all aspects of making changes to the Museum. Their master plan was completed and submitted to the TAHS board and was approved unanimously. We had originally set a time schedule starting in 2020 but decided to update the office this fall. It is the hub of our organization and supports all Museum and Historical Society activities. In the past few weeks we have installed new shelves, cabinets, and a data center which houses our new main computer (8 terabyte hard drive) and is linked to all the Museum computers. Starting early next year, we will begin revitalizing the Museum itself.

Nine years ago, we asked our membership to help fund and update of the Museum computers and office equipment. We were grateful for the tremendous response we received. Today, like the past, we need your support.  To help make this Museum Revitalization project a success, we need your help. If you haven’t already done so, please respond to our recent letter requesting your financial support for this amazing project. For those of you who have already responded with your generous donation, we are extremely appreciative.

Vivian Owen, our first TAHS president, once told me she had a goal to make the Museum a major center for research. And Joyce Miller, former TAHS president, shared with me a few years ago that she and her husband Bill Miller wanted to update the Museum, but it was never realized. The goals I set are not new; they are ideas started years ago. My part is to complete their dreams with help of a TAHS board comprised of the finest people I have ever worked with and, most importantly, who have the drive to make this project a reality.

Our Goal: To preserve and protect our history and support the community and Museum visitors with the tools to learn more about their past and to make this information available to future generations who can enjoy our rich and colorful history.

Make sure to mark your calendars and join us on at our General Meeting on Tuesday, November 19, at 7 p.m. at the Tustin Public Library, 345 E. Main Street. The Voices of Tustin Community Chorus will be performing songs to usher in the holiday season. Plan to attend this fun evening, and bring your friends!

www.TustinMuseum.com  -  On the upper right hand side, click there for additional Museum-related announcements and changes.

Most sincerely,


Pete Beatty, President 

August, 2019

Dear TAHS Members,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and healthy summer. Our expanded Home and Garden Tour-our major annual fundraiser-was a success! We had more vendors, music, vintage cars and local artists. We are now forging forward in the goals that were set in my last message plus a couple more that you will be hearing about soon.

Make sure to mark your calendars to join us on Monday, September 16th at 7 p.m. at the Tustin Library for a very special tribute honoring the victims of 9-11. Tustin resident, patriot, and Tustin Area Woman of the Year 1993, Angie Kardashian, will share with us her incredible journey. In the aftermath of the disaster, she felt compelled to do what she could as an American. Angie sold her restaurant, moved to New York, cooked meals at her own expense for two years to feed thousands of firefighters in more than 100 firehouses until her money ran out. For her presentation, there will be a display of items related to her time there and the memory of the people who lost their lives on 9-11. The Museum window will be exhibiting a "Remember Sept 11 Tribute" from August 15th through September 15th.

Check out our local DAR Chapter (Daughters of the American Revolution) Museum window display starting on September 18th - The national DAR organization started on October 11, 1890.

Again and as always, a big thank-you to the TAHS board and Museum staff for the support and enthusiasm they have given me on a very full and aggressive list of goals. All of this would never happen without the help and support of the City of Tustin, the Tustin Unified School District, the Knights of Pythias, and you-our loyal and generous members.

Our Goal: To preserve, protect our history and support the community and museum visitors with the tools to learn more about their past and to make this information available to future generations who can enjoy our rich and colorful history.

NOTE: At www.TustinMuseum.com - On the upper left is TAHS: President's Message. Click there for additional Museum-related information, announcements and changes.



Pete Beatty TAHS President

April, 2019
Goals: Progress update as of August 12th
Dear TAHS Members,

Good news…our Home and Garden Tour preparation—our major annual fundraiser—is on target and progressing nicely! Hope you have marked your calendars for Saturday, May 4th! Brochures have been mailed out, and you can take advantage of pre-sale savings by getting your tour tickets online at www.tustinhistory.com by Friday, May 3. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to the support of a wonderful team, we have already made great progress in many areas this year.

Goals Achieved
1. Expand the Home and Garden Tour to include more vendors, music and local businesses. - (Done)
2. Use the Museum’s window display to celebrate and connect to the community’s history. - (Done)
3. Set up a website to be used for Museum activities (www.tustinmuseum.com). - (Done)
4. Start YAC (Youth Advisory Committee) groups for ages 13 to 18 and 19 to 26. - (Done)
5. Establish a HRC (History Research Committee) to help in research requests. - (Done)
6. Set up a LAN (Local Area Network) to connect all our computers. - (Equipment in place)
7. Make it easier for members to use our Computer Research Center in the Museum. - (Done)

Tasks Under Way
8. Expand the Museum days to include more Saturdays. - (Set up a committee)
9. Add additional historical information in our third grade program. - (Working with committee chair)
10. Set up an attractive retail area for our Museum visitors. - (Talking to vendors)
11. Explore ways to make changes: new displays, more interactive areas, etc. (Set up a committee)
12. Start Museum seminars and workshops covering a variety of topics. (Docent traning Sept.15 - 10am-12am)
13. Offer the Museum for special events: retirement parties, class reunions, etc. - (Started)
14. Set an Oral Histories Committee schedule each month for videos made at the Museum. - (Working on)
15. Increase our membership, add more docents, tour guides and event helpers. - (Working on)
16. Add more Museum and community activities for our members and visitors to enjoy. - (Working on)

To date, seven out of 16 goals met is a great accomplishment! Everyone on the board, the office staff, and our volunteers make all of this possible through teamwork and agreement on common goals. It’s only April...so we
will continue full speed ahead!



Pete Beatty TAHS President

I am pleased to announce I have added John Nielsen as my advisor. As a businessman and former Tustin Mayor (2016) he has the knowledge and background needed to move the TAHS to a higher level. He will be helping me in all areas that need his attention and observing the museum general operation and expansion.

Three new groups have been added: Docent & Tour Guide Program, Fundraising Committee and the
Tustin Preservation Committee.


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