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The Tustin Area Historical Society was founded in 1976 for the purpose of preserving the rich and colorful history
of our local area. To accomplish this, we rely on membership dues and proceeds from our Annual Old Town Home
and Garden Tour since there is no admission charge to visit the Museum.

These funds allow us to maintain and enhance our Museum, provide programs to stimulate historical interest in
the area, protect historical papers and photographs for future research and to continue our
“History in A Box” program for the over 100 third grade classes in the Tustin Unified School District.
(Click here for information on our History in a Box program.)

As a member of the Society, you will receive our newsletter “Heritage” that announces the programs presented at
our general meetings and keep you up to date on Museum news. Dues start at only $25.00 a year and are

The Museum, located at 395 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780 - Map Location
Open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Weekdays every first and third Saturday from 12 noon until 3 p.m.
See our Tour the Museum link for specific dates.

Link to website: http://tustinhistory.com
If you have any questions, please call us at the museum at 714 731-5701 or email us at tustinmuseum@att.net.

At TAHS we showcase exhibitions from our collection, as well as visiting collections.
The exhibits are a way we can reach out to the city showing it's history through a variety of media — using images, documents, objects, and narrative given by our docents — all this helps visitors understand the people, events, and issues that have shaped Tustin and the local area.

Museum Showcases

Since 1975 TAHS has been collecting historical materials. Our archive contains thousands of items including documents, maps, photographs, books, scrapbooks, yearbooks, architectural pieces, textiles, uniforms,
advertising, menus, postcards, blueprints, publications, phone and address directories, historical inventories, biographies and objects.

The following are descriptions of some of the items in our archives.
Photographic Collection

Maps, Books & Directories

Newspaper Collection

Consider a Donation
Our collections have grown largely from donations by individuals. Whether the case of spring cleaning, getting
ready for a move, or, as often occurs when an older family member passes on, children and grandchildren tasked with sorting through a home full of objects, printed material, and memories, the potential exists to make a significant historical find. Sometimes things which may at first glance seem like little more than dated curiosities
and ephemera are in fact potential subjects of historical interest. An old company photo perhaps or an image of
the city from a bygone era, a letter from a noteworthy figure, an old menu or map, a uniform, a model or figurine,
a yearbook or government, church, or social organization records — all may be of value to a researcher or historically inquisitive member of the public. We encourage you to consider contacting us regarding any items pertaining to Tustin or Orange County history which you would consider donating to the TAHS. Doing
so is one way you can help keep your family’s memories and Tustin history alive for generations to come.


Meetings 2019

Board Meeting: - Monday 14th - 6:30 pm

Board Meeting: - Monday 11th - 6:30 pm

General Meeting:
Tuesday 19th - 7 pm
Tustin Senior Center
Program: Mobile Museum Program

Board Meeting: - Monday 11th - 6:30 pm

Board Meeting: - Monday 8th - 6:30 pm

Board Meeting: - Monday 13th - 6:30 pm

General Meeting - Monday 20th - 7 pm
Tustin Library

Program: TBA

Board Meeting: - Monday 10th - 6:30

Board Meeting: - Monday 8th - 6:30

Board Meeting: - Monday 12th - 6:30

Board Meeting: - Monday 9th - 6:30

General Meeting - Monday 16th - 7 pm
Tustin Library

Program: TBA

Board Meeting: - Monday 14th - 6:30

Board Meeting: - Monday 11th - 6:30

General Meeting - Monday 18th - 7 pm
Tustin Library

Program: TBA



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