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Museum Revitalization

I have recently announced that a Museum Revitalization Committee was formed to study all aspects of making changes to the Museum. Their master plan was completed and submitted to the TAHS board and was approved unanimously. We had originally set a time schedule starting in 2020 but decided to update the office this fall. It is the hub of our organization and supports all Museum and Historical Society activities. In the past few weeks we have installed new shelves, cabinets, and a data center which houses our new main computer (8 terabyte hard drive) and is linked to all the Museum computers. Starting early next year, we will begin revitalizing the Museum itself.

Nine years ago, we asked our membership to help fund and update of the Museum computers and office equipment. We were grateful for the tremendous response we received. Today, like the past, we need your support.  To help make this Museum Revitalization project a success, we need your help. If you haven’t already done so, please respond to our recent letter requesting your financial support for this amazing project. For those of you who have already responded with your generous donation, we are extremely appreciative.


Pete Beatty, TAHS President

A big THANK YOU to our donors!

To donate and add your name or company to the list below, call the Museum at 714 731-5701
Email us at tustinmuseum@att.net or stop by the Museum.

The Museum is located at 395 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780 - Map Location
Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday - First and third Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Cox Market Plaza
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Greinke Family Foundation
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Saddleback Chapel
The Enderle Center - EMS Development
Tustin Community Bank

TAHS Members and friends of the Museum

Alan Ahern
Judith Alverson
Michael and Mary Balmages
James & Annette Bartolomucci
Pete Beatty - Software donation
Kurt and Sandra Bensworth
Ivan and Barbara Bishop
Lee Braithwaite
Barbara Burch
Becky Cameron
Al and Pat Corfield
Ed and Doreen Corwin
Kim DeBenedetto
Andrienne Ervin
Phil Forney
Adam Foster
Kathy and Carl Greenwood
Jeffrey Griffith
Susan Prather Honaker
Bob & Lois Joohnson
Angie Kardashian
WO & Ursula Kennedy
Judy Kuykendall
Don Larson
Laurie Lovret
Diann Marsh
Robert & Susie McIntosh
John and Darla Mitchell
Richard Nelson
Eligia Nicolai
Karen Olsen (In honer of Wendy Greene)
Mark Patton
Carl Perkins
Elise Perkins
Jeff Peterson
Margaret Pottenger
John and Merry Powers
Earl Prescott
Karen and Jim Reese
Roger & Joyce Reinke
Marilyn Rowenhorst
James Schamp
Jeanne Siegel
Brian Sjoberg
Mary Staton
Jim and Alice Stephens
Robert Stopher
Jan & David Stuart
Gary Teter
Jeffrey Thompson
Diane Vantuno (In memory of Marjorie Gorrie)
George Veeh
Glenna Weatherman
Jerry & Roberta Wiley
Sharon (Reyes) Ziegenbein

And a thank you to all our anonymous donors.


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