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For Let's Talk History program infomation contact - Mary Susa (949) 786-4112 E-mail

About Program:
Let's Talk History was started in 2018 by Mary Susa of the Irvine Historical Society (IHS). The program is an informal way of grathering a small group of like-minded people who have interest in different historical subjects
and would like a round table atmosphere, a casual presentation with Q&A. If the subject matter covered
required a larger facility (based on anticipated attendance) it would move into a General Meeting with a more
formal presentation.

Pete Beatty, President of the Tustin Area Historical Society (TAHS), had spoken to Mary Susa about working together to expand her program concept to Tustin and hopfuly to other historical societies in Orange County.
On January 27, 2020, after a Let's Talk History presention about the Blimp Hangars by the Tustin Area Historical Society (TAHS) at the Irvine Historical Society, IHS President Gail Daniels, along with Mary Susa, spoke with Pete Beatty and all agreed to move forward.


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