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Museum Project

Museum Refurbishing Committee
Thursday, June 20. 2019
(Prepared by Kurt Bensworth)

Action Plan
  1. Budget - (Timeline: establish by June 30th.)
  1. Budget - (Timeline: establish by June 30th.)
a. Designer
b. Moving expense - both ways including packing boxes
c. Storage expense (2 months)
d. Structural cost.
  i. New area dividers
ii. Painting
  e. Interior Hardware:
  i. Shelving & pedestals
ii. New Desplay Cabnets
iii. Additional items
  2. Other museum visitations - The museums must be of comparable size and shape. Need the visitations
to be in groups of two. (Timeline completed bt July 31st)
  a. If deemed up-to-date, clean, with efficient layout, then inquire about their designer.
Pictures would be beneficial for the committee.
b. Proposed Museums: (Need to assign locations)
  i. Orange
ii Balboa
iii.Costa Mesa
iv. Irvine
v. Dana Point
  3. Hire a designer - (Timeline: August 31st.) Plans must be completed by October 31st. to be available
for display at Tiffany's Fundraiser in November.
  4. Tiffany's Fundraiser - TBA
  5. Designer Bids and Moving company - (Timeline: December 2019 - February 28th) Alow extra time
to receive at least 2 bids for each.
  6. Selection of designer Company and Moving Company - (Timeline: March 9th. Board meeting)
  7. Start packing and move - (Timetable: 1st week of May 2020 after our Home Tour.)
  8. Refurbishing Begins - (Timeline: May 17th., 2020)
  9. Refurbishing Ends - (Timeline: June 24th., 2020)
  10. Move back - (Timeline: Last week of June 2020)
  11. Grand Re-opening - TBA in July


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